Covered Box

Using a  good quality card board box this craft covers creating a covered box using Modge Podge, paper napkins and ribbon.IMG_0600

Tear up napkins into small pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Apply Modge Podge to the box.  Place napkin on box and then “paint” over the napkin with the Modge Podge .
When finished the the surface will be milky white and uneven.  The Modge Podge will dry clear.
If the inside of the box is stained glue card stock of a preferred color to the panels.
Cut straight pieces to paste on the sides of the box.
Modge Podge the picture on the box.
When dry spray with sealer.  The surface will be shiny but will mellow slightly as it dries.
Cut pieces of wide ribbon to cover the sides and flaps of the box.
Glue ribbon on edges using  glue gun.
Be sure to glue edges down against the box.
When finished apply a box to the across the corner of the box.  Instructions on creating a bow are found in an the blog post for creating a wreath.
The box pictured when finished.

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