corn cauliflower relish

Corn Cauliflower Relish

I like to can when the vegetables are fresh from the garden.  There’s nothing like pulling out a jar of relish in winter to spice up your meal. 

Cauliflower predominates corn cauliflower relish but you can add more pepper or corn if desired.


2 cups corn cut off the cob

corn cauliflower relish

2 cups cauliflower cut in small pieces

1 red pepper diced

1 yellow pepper diced

2 cups shallots sliced

1 cup of chunked zucchini

2 cups sugar

4 cups vinegar

1 tbsp mustard seed

1 tbsp turmeric

1 tbsp celery seed


Bring to a boil and reduce heat.  Cook for 30 minutes.

2 tbsp corn starch

3 tbsp water

Add cornstarch dissolved in water to vegetable mixture.  Heat until mixture is thickened and can in preferred method.

Try Dill Relish.

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