Helpful Hints

  • Settle bubbles in the kitchen sink with a sprinkle of salt.

    Helpful Hints
  • Use an empty cardboard roll to roll your extra plastic bags around .  You can then store the bags in a drawer.
  • Place plastic wrap in the freezer for a few minutes if it is sticking to the roll.
  • Styrofoam packing is a good substitute for pebbles used as drainage at the bottom of plant pots.
  • Use the lids of margarine or yogurt tubs to separate hamburger patties when freezing.
  • When putting curtains on a rod which has sharp ends wrap the ends with scotch tape to avoid fraying the material.
  • Place cotton batting in the fingers of rubber gloves to prevent fingernails from poking through.
  • Use pompoms, dried flowers, candy canes, bells,  pencils, combs, tiny fans, hair ribbons,ornaments, etc. to decorate gifts instead of the standard bought bows.
  • Use up the ends of wallpaper for wrapping paper.
  • Leftover rolls of wrapping paper can also be used on tables at parties.  When the party is over simply gather up the wrapping paper and discard.
  • If stamps are stuck together put them in the freezer for a while.  They will then come apart easily.



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