Helpful Hints

  • helpfulhints11-10-2016
    Helpful Hints

    Hairspray will help to remove sticky residue left by price tags on dishes.

  • Sprinkle salt in the sink to settle an overabundance of suds.
  • Put plastic wrap in the freezer a minute before using. It will not stick to the roll and run off unevenly.
  • Old pop bottles can be filled with water and frozen for use in your picnic hampers.
  • Styrofoam packing chips are good for placing as a drainage layer at the bottom of flower pots.
  • Use lids from small plastic margarine tubs to separate hamburger patties when freezing.
  • Label items in the freezer with tape. You can write the item and the date it was frozen directly on the tape.
  • Wrap ends of a curtain rod with scotch tape when putting curtains on them. This prevents fraying of the delicate fabric.
  • Sharpen old, dull scissors by cutting strips through light sandpaper.
  • For bubble solution for children to blow bubbles use 2 tbsp of powdered detergent, one tbsp. glycerin and one cup of hot water with a few drops of food coloring. Always supervise children so they don’t swallow the mixture.

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