Helpful Hints

  • helpfulhints11-17-2016
    Helpful Hints

    Instead of wrapping paper, use pieces of wallpaper.  The paper is stronger.

  • Wrap gifts in towels, scarves, fabric napkins, comic strips, or crepe paper. The possibilities are endless.
  • Use scrap material or old sheets to make gift bags.  Cut the material into the size needed, sew a one-inch seam  for a drawstring and sew the sides together.
  • Laminate special occasion cards.  Use to line shelves.
  • Cut up Christmas cards to make labels for next years presents.
  • Use pompoms, dried or fabric flowers, measuring spoons candy canes, ornaments, pictures, etc. to decorate gifts.
  • To get an old deck of cards to slide freely, dust the desk with baby or talcum powder.
  • If stamps stick together place the in the freezer for a hour.  They should then come apart easily
  • When moving color code the writing on the boxes with one color per room.  Boxes can be easily sorted at the new house.
  • Apply clear nail polish over the screws in your glasses to prevent them from coming out.

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