Laundry Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints
  • Fold one sock over another before washing so that you don’t have to match them after washing.
  • Wash blue jeans in cold water, dry for 10 minutes and then fold over a wooden hanger to dry.
  • Soak new coloured clothes in salt water before laundering to help prevent running.
  • Club soda helps remove stains.
  • Use vinegar to remove grass stains.
  • Clean your washing machine by running the wash cycle in an empty machine using warm water and vinegar.
  • Soak white socks in boiling water and lemon. They will become brighter.
  • Remove blood stains by soaking in cold water and rubbing with hand soap.
  • Place clothes with gum in the freezer overnight. The gum will easily pull off the next day.
  • Put water stained fabrics in salt water and soak until the stain comes out.

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