white chocolate peanut butter bars

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

White chocolate peanut butter bars have a shortbread base topped with peanut butter and chocolate.  These cookies are rich so a small piece is all you need.


1 1/4 cups ground cookie crumbs.  I like ginger.

1 1/2 cups chunky walnuts

1/2 cup brown sugar

2/3 cup melted butter

1 egg

2 tsp vanilla

Mix together and press into a parchment paper lined pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until edges are dry.  Cool.

1/2 cup icing sugar

1/3 cup butter

1/3 cup no salt, no sugar peanut butter


Mix filling in bowl and spread over base layer.

Top with melted white chocolate and cut into squares.  Chill.

Try Unbaked Cookie Squares.

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