Cross Heart Bread Machine Buns

Cross Heart Bread Machine Buns

This is the second bread machine that I have had and I love it.  It allows you to create many types of dough easily and quickly. The yeast dough in cross heart bread machine buns rises easily and tastes wonderful with raspberry jam.  It can also be re-purposed and used to make cinnamon rolls.


1 1/4 cups water

Cross Heart Bread Machine Buns

1 egg

1 tsp salt

1/8 cup honey

2 tbsp butter

3 3/4 cups flour

1 1/2 tsp bread machine yeast

1 tsp allspice


Measure the ingredients into your bread machine and process on dough setting.

When the dough setting is complete remove from the machine and turn onto a floured board.  Cover with a bowl.  Let rise for 15 minutes.

Roll dough out onto the floured board into a rectangle.  Spread with mixed berry jam.  Roll dough up into a cylinder and cut into slices.  Place slices onto a baking sheet with two slices placed together facing outward.  Shape top and bottom to look like a heart.  Allow to rise for 45 minutes under a tea towel in a warm place.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes for 35o degrees Fahrenheit.

Ice with basic icing.

Try Easter Buns for another treat.

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