Helpful Hints


  • Clean narrow necked bottles with vinegar and water.  Add rice.  Cap and shake to scour the bottle.
  • To remove water scale form drinking glasses fill with vinegar and let sit until clear.
  • In cool weather, when washing windows, wet your cloth with car windshield washer solution.  Wipe and dry.
  • Clean woodwork with cold tea.
  • Mix 1 tbsp salt with a cup of vinegar.  Add to flour vases to clean the grimy residue.
  • Polish scratches on glassware with toothpaste.
  • Rub peanut butter on price-tag glue to remove it.
  • Prevent vases from scratching furniture by putting self-stick pads on the bottoms.
  • Clean up broken eggs by sprinkling with salt and letting stand a short time.  Wipe clean with a paper towel.

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