Helpful Hints – Personal

  • Put your favorite herbs (lavender, bail rose petals) in a small sachet and place in
    Helpful Hints

    your bath with epsom salts

  • Run cold water in the bath tub before adding hot water to prevent steam in your bathroom.
  • Unwrap soap before using and store in a dry place.  This makes them harder and they last longer in the bath.
  • To use up small pieces of soap slightly soften them in a microwave and mold them in a bar in plastic wrap.  Let sit to firm.  Unwrap and you have a new bar of soap.
  • Rub your hands with a little vinegar to remove food odors and remove fruit and vegetable stains from hands.
  • Use water and lemon juice to remove pain smells from hands.
  • Dip hands in lemon juice to whiten your fingernail tips.
  • Rub soap under nails before working in the garden.  This prevents dirt from getting in them.

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