Christmas Cactus Care


After the holidays, and the cactus has bloomed, give the plant a month to rest.  Place in a

Christmas Cactus in bloom

cool room providing little water. Once the cactus has rested it is the best time to repot. However, the plant needs to be pot-bound to flower so don’t give it too much space.  Fertilize every 2 weeks with a houseplant fertilizer.,


Move the plant outside to a shady area until the temperature gets below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once the temperature gets cold bring the plant back inside.  Water and feed every 3 weeks with houseplant fertilizer.  Prune in June to encourage more flowers at Christmas.


Move the plant inside before it freezes.  In September feed the plant once and than stop watering in October.  This helps produce blooms in December.  Resume watering in November.  Keep the plant in a dark room at night.   When flower buds begin to form increase light and humidity by placing the plant on a saucer with gravel and water close by.  Do not allow the roots of the plant to sit in water or they will rot.


Place the plant where it will get 6 hours of indirect sunlight.  Keep the soil moist and humidity around the plant.  Feed the cactus with a houseplant fertilizer once a month.

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