Light Cheesecake

Light Cheesecake

I like to serve this cheesecake as an alternative to heavy pies on the holidays.  This dessert is light and fluffy.  It’s not as filling as a traditional cheesecake and can be made with any flavor of gelatin powder.


1 package cream cheeseLight Cheesecake

1 tub cottage cheese

1 small carton whipped cream

1 tbsp sugar

ginger snaps


2 packages jello® (your favorite flavor)

Grind up ginger snaps and place in the bottom of an 8×11 greased glass pan.

Mix jello® with hot and cold water.  Do not chill.

In blender blend cream cheese, cottage cheese,and jello® until smooth.

Whip whipped cream with 1 tbsp of sugar.  Fold into cheese mixture.

Spoon mixture over ginger snaps.  Top with pecans and refrigerate for at least an hour to set.


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