easy trifle

Easy Trifle

There are several desserts my English grandmother prepared for her family on celebrations for her family. Easy trifle is one of them. This recipe is quickly thrown together and makes a festive addition to the holiday table.


1 boxed vanilla cake mix

custard powder

2 raspberry or cherry jelly powders

raspberry jam

whipped cream

raspberries or walnuts


Bake cake mix in rectangular pan according to instructions on box.  Be sure that you oil and flour the pan so that the cake will come out easily.  Cool cake before proceeding to next step.

Remove cake from pan and slice in half horizontally.  Layer bottom with jam and put top layer back onto cake.  Slice cake into 1 inch x 1/2 inch slices.

Prepare 2 batches of custard according to instructions on the tin.

Prepare jelly powder according to instructions on the box.

In a large bowl put one layer of the cake in the bottom.  Pour jello mixture over bottom layer.  Spoon custard over top.  Repeat these steps until the bowl is full ending with custard layer.

Whip cream and spoon over trifle.  Add chopped walnuts or raspberries to the top of the bowl.  Chill and serve the same day.

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