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Halloween Candy Cookies

I always over estimate the amount of candy that I will pass out to trick or treaters on Halloween.  Consequently, I’m always left with packs of candy that I don’t want to eat. 

One way I use up the chocolate is in this cookie recipe.  I bake the cookies and then freeze them for later.  The cookies will keep for several months if they are wrapped properly before being frozen.

Any kind of chocolate candy can be used in this cookie batter.

1 cup white sugar

1 cup butter

1 tsp vanilla

2 eggs, beaten

Mix the above ingredients together.

2 cups flour

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Decorative Halloween Tree


Several years ago my niece gave me a glass Halloween ornament.  In the next few years I collect other ornaments that could be used for a Halloween tree but I had no where to put them.  I looked around in the craft stored but did not like the skinny trees that were sold for Halloween.  So, I decided to get out the spray paint and make my own.

This craft is simple and only takes a few supplies including spray paint and glitter ribbon.  I chose to paint the tree black but you could use purple or orange if you dare.

Instructions for creating a Halloween Tree

  • Purchase a mini Christmas tree with a burlap base.
Unlit Halloween Tree
  • Spray paint the green branches black and let dry.
  • Twine green mini lights around the tree branches making sure that you hide the wires.
  • Twine a black feather boa around the branches to fill in the spaces.
  • Drape a green ribbon around the tree.
  • Add decorative spiders and Halloween Ornaments
  • Top with an orange glitter bow. Instructions on creating a bow can be found on this post.